Beachville Road


Banbury Architects


215m2, 4 bedrooms

A replica of the site’s original 1920’s bungalow at the front, opening into a modern living space at the back, this project is a true showcase of craftsmanship. It features high studs, ornate turn of the century detailing and double hung timber windows. We re-used the home’s original doors which, along with the carefully crafted timber trim and ceiling roses, enhance the warmth and character of this unique build—so much so that it is often mistaken for a restoration project.

At the end of the hallway the house transitions into a modern open plan kitchen and living space featuring bifold glass doors opening to the deck and back yard. Making this transition seamless presented an unusual and rewarding challenge that resulted in a beautiful modern home.

“Chris Beer’s team was selected to undertake the replacement of this earthquake damaged early 20th century Villa, which included very intricate and finite detailing, replicating the previous. The skills employed, and the execution by Chris’ staff was of the highest standard. Further, the particular selection of the various Sub-Contractors and their recognition of a very special house, were also contributing factors, which resulted in an exemplary build. The high-class product far exceeded expectations of the Owner and all others involved.”

– Bruce Banbury, Architect